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Changing printnames

I have noticed that objects will sometimes spontaneously change their
print names in MCL 2.0p2 on a MacIIx.

For example, I have a class of objects called answer-node.  I have not
defined a print-object method for answer-node. While my program is
running, it prints out statements such as:

  Moving node #<ANSWER-NODE #x4E21A1>

However, when I use the inspector later to look at the same object, it
is has a different name: #<ANSWER-NODE #x4DF259>.

I am not able to reproduce this behaviour with any consistency, but I
am convinced after several episodes and much debugging that this is
indeed happening.

My question is: is this a known behaviour?  If not, is someone
prepared to assert that something else is going on such that the
object whose name is printed is not eq to the object I later inspect,
and that I should just look harder for it?

M. Timur Friedman (friedman@cs.umass.edu)