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Re: Slightly Disappointing Review of MCL 2.0 in Oct MacWorld

>I trust somebody at cambridge is on the ball and is collecting all this to
>be forwarded to MacWorld & Apple...

As Steve Strassman said, the response has to come from the users.

>It's all very well for us to tell each other how wonderful MCL is, but
>trying to convert the faithful...

Correct. I wrote the mail about the review because maybe there
would be more people writing letters to MacWorld. I also think
it is interesting what other users feelings are. The MacWorld
is an important place where people look for informations about
development systems. So a favourable review has some effect.

It is easy to criticize everything (well, the MCL team is still
responding to my mail ;-) ). Every product has problems, bugs, omissions,...
But one also has to appreciate the amount of work, time and thought
a particular product needed and the quality that has been achieved.

MCL has got only three stars. An average reader looking at the review
would get a completely wrong impression. Think Pascal has five stars!

(Over the weekend I will write a letter to Macworld1@applelink.apple.com.)

Thanks to all who have responded so far.

Rainer Joswig
Email: joswig@informatik.uni-hamburg.de