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Geta Browser 2.0

I would like very much to get the Geta Brower version 2.0 to work on my system;
however, I still do not understand packges.

I accidentally had the previous version of the Geta Browser running on my
system but managed to "fix" it permanently so that it no longer works.  (I now
wish I would have saved the MCL session to a file after I got it working the
first time.) 

The documentation for the browser mentions a defunit system (which I
downloaded) that helps load the browser.  I have no idea what the defunit
system is supposed to do.

Would someone be able to save an MCL 2.0 session for me that shows step-by-step
how to load the defunit system and the Geta-Browser and Geta-Grapher?  I don't
mind loading the system manually every time I load MCL.

My MCL is in a folder called HD:MCL 2.0 and the Geta 2.0 files are in a folder
in the MCL 2.0 folder called geta-browser 2.0.

I have not loaded the 2.0 upgrades on my system.  Do I need these for the 2.0
version of the browser?

Bruce Lester