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Calling XCMDs from MCL

I've been working in HyperCard for several years, and now that I'm
trying to move to MCL, I'd like to try using some of the XCMDs and
XFCNs that I've collected and built.  I see the HyperXCMD.lisp file in
Library:Interfaces, which looks like it could support even the
HyperCard 2.x XCMD interface, but it's not clear how to call an XCMD
or XFCN using these structures.  I've downloaded xcmd.lisp from
cambridge.apple.com, but it seems to redefine some of the structures
of HyperXCmd.lisp and doesn't support all of the HyperCard XCMD

Can someone explain the difference to an MCL novice between
HyperXCmd.lisp and XCMD.lisp?  How DOES one call an XCMD or XFCN from
  Thank you!

					-Mark Guzdial (guzdial@cc.gatech.edu)