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Re: MCL 3.0 and CLIM 2.0

In article <m0opXv3-000007C@lamd01>, ranson@LANNION.cnet.fr (Ranson) writes...
>References to source code in the debugger would sure be nice, but you already
>can have variables names ! Set *save-local-symbols* and *fasl-save-local-
>symbols* to T before compiling.
>     Daniel.

I also wish there were an Meta-. equivalent within the backtrace commands
menu that would jump to the definition of the function called in the
current stack frame.  But I agree that showing the disassembled code
near the PC is one of the biggest problems with the MCL "debugger".
In fact, I think this is one of the biggest problems with MCL
overall.  It's about the only thing I really miss from the Lisp
Machine days; hitting c-n, c-p to move up and down the stack, 
and then hitting c-e to jump into the editor looking at the exact
line where the bug can be found.  Now THAT was a debugger...

Chris Eliot