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Re: MCL 3.0 wishes

Subject:   RE>MCL 3.0 wishes
I find the debugger very effective especially with its easy interface to the
My symbols are never gibberish because I always use [fasl-]save-....  The
disassembly listing is easy to follow (double-click on the function in
the backtrace) and figure out where you are in your
source because it has all the function and variable names.  Double click on
any function symbol or local variable, and you're inspecting it.

I used Symbolics and TI lisp machines for 10 years and found the transition
to MCL easier than the transition to any of the Unix lisps.  The only things
I really miss is m-x commands, keyboard macros, and a good who-calls
system (with a good UI).  Most of these I could solve by writing them,
but who has time?

Date: 10/20/93 12:05 PM
To: Don Mitchell
From: kieras
Subject: MCL 3.0 wishes

Trying to debug interpretively isn't worthwhile in MCL because the backtrace is
unintelligible that you can't tell which user-coded expression failed, and
the local symbol names are gibberish as well.

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