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What is that thing...

I know I have better things to do but...

What is the MCL icon supposed to represent?

My guess is that it's supposed to be a "brain" and a "symantic network"
transposed over it.

One of my cohorts looking over my shoulder (this guy prefers Pascal <shudder>)
said it looked like "An Elm leaf with vericose veins." I'm young enuf to not 
be able to remember any Elms (other than the BIG stump in my parents front 
yard) so I have to accept his analogy.

After a very long day (about 44 hours now, and counting...) all I know is that

	flakyP  =>  T

for me personally.

        TT    TTTT    TT  
        TTTTTTTTTTTT         T e x a s   T e c h   U n i v e r s i t y
       TT  TTTT  TT

Looking forward to your determinations on my "IIsi vs. MCL" reports