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Announcing the ALU mailing list

	    Announcing the creation of the ALU mailing list

The ALU mailing list, alu@freud.arc.nasa.gov, is intended as a forum for
use by members and prospective members of the Association of Lisp Users.
It will be bidirectionally gatewayed into the Usenet newsgroup
comp.org.lisp-users, should the newsgroup pass the current Call For
Votes [see news.announce.newgroups for the CFV posting, or email
chucko@freud.arc.nasa.gov if you need a copy].

Send ALU list mail to: 		alu@freud.arc.nasa.gov
Send add/drop requests etc. to:	alu-request@freud.arc.nasa.gov

The following information is taken from the CFV for comp.org.lisp-users.


Discussion of general topics relevant to the Association of Lisp Users
(ALU) (including Lisp Vendors), in particular centered on membership
issues, future conferences, publications, and Lisp advocacy issues.
Overlap with comp.lang.lisp.*, and other groups this message is cross-
posted to should be minimal, as this is NOT intended to be a technical,
but an organizational group. The newsgroup comp.org.lisp-users will be
bidirectionally gatewayed into the ALU mailing list.

Participation will not be limited to current ALU members.


Although SLUG (Symbolics Lisp Users Group) evolved into the Association
of Lisp Users, the mailing list for SLUG is still used for discussions
related to issues regarding Symbolics products.  As such, it is not the
appropriate vehicle for discussions relevant for the entire membership
of ALU. One of the primary purposes behind the ALU organization is to
promote the use of, and education about LISP-like languages. At the ALU
(open) board meeting at LUV '93, we discussed this and felt that a
newsgroup in the comp.org hierarchy could best help us achieve our goals
of disseminating information about promoting lisp to interested parties,
have a single place for discussing how the ALU can help parties
interested in lisp, and have a useful place for discussion on future
conferences and a possible periodical take place. Furthermore the ALU
does NOT restrict itself to only common-lisp, but all dialects of lisp
like languages.
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