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Re: How do you determine if

Don Mitchell (dhm%proact@uunet.UU.NET) wrote:
: Is it possible to determine if a file is currently open
: by another application?
: --------------------------------------
: A file is "open" if it's locked.  MCL does not lock files when you open them 
: only when it's compiling them.
This is not quite right.  If you have a file open in write mode no one
else can can modify it.  You could write a condition handler to test for this
to see if any other application has it open in write mode.
:  I've written code to lock source files as soon
: as someone begins editing them.  
: If it cannot get a lock, then it tells the user
rcs.lisp on cambridge.apple.com does something similar and adds some
features for group sharing and updating of code.