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More about PICT file


Thanks for your response to my request and sending me your functions.

I have tried your function store-pict-to-file and a file which
can be opened inside SuperPaint was created.  However, the
pictures in the file can be operated normally just as cut, copy,
paste etc.  I created a MCL window, started it as pictures using
(start-picture), copy images to this window using (copy-bits)
and get pictures on this window using (get-picture).  Here is such
a process:

(setf *my* (make-instance 'window))

(start-picture *my* 0 0 510 256)

(with-focused-view *my* 
  (copy-bits (find-object-image 'kitchen) 
             (rref (wptr *my*) :window.port.portbits)
             (make-record :rect :topleft #@(0 0) :bottomright #@(510 256))
             (make-record :rect :topleft #@(0 0) :bottomright #@(510 256))))

;;; SPNT is the creator of the SuperPaint files
(store-pict-to-file (get-picture *my*) filename :creator "spnt")

Do you know their problems?  I think the problems may come from copy-bits.