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Re: around method for make-instance

In article <...> djskrien@COLBY.EDU (Dale J. Skrien) writes:
 > Is there something special about putting methods
 > around the make-instance primary method?
 >  ...
 > But when I define:
 >     (defmethod make-instance :around 
 >                ((x foo) &rest initargs)
 >       (let ((instance (call-next-method)))
 >           (list instance)))
 > then I get:
 > ? (make-instance 'foo)
 >    => #<FOO #x17E44F1>
 > Shouldn't I have gotten:
 >      (#<FOO #x17E44F1>)

Because the argument to make-instance, 'foo, is of type SYMBOL, not of
class FOO!  You would need to have the method specialized on (eql 'foo):

     (defmethod make-instance :around 
                ((x (eql 'foo)) &rest initargs)
       (let ((instance (call-next-method)))
           (list instance)))

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