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doc on CL, electronic support for a blind person


  I got your e-mail address by a friend working with MCL. I am
developping programs in the field of natural language processing for a
french company. As I am blind, I often encounter the problem of access
to documentation.

  I am beginning a project in Common Lisp, that's why I am looking for
documentation on CL on electronic support (some basics, function
description...). I did already some programming in emacs-lisp (about
5000 lines).

  Could you please give me some references, if there are, of doc
available via ftp servers, by e-mail, diskettes or streamer cartridge?

Thanks for your help,


Gerber Rene

Warning: reply doesn't work; e-mail to :

r.gerber@site-maisons-alfort.fr  (France)

Phone : 33