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Re: Subprim documentation?

At  5:29 AM 11/26/93 -0500, dblamkins@aol.com wrote:
>In writing some LAP code I needed to find documentation for the parameters
>and operation of the subprims as called by the $jsr_subprim pseudo-ops. I
>grovelled through the source on the CD-ROM to find examples, but couldn't
>find a summary list of any kind. I also failed to find anything in either the
>MCL Reference or Release Notes.
>Any pointers?

The only documentation I know of is Apple's source code for the
MCL kernel which we do not distribute.

You can find calls to a handful of the subprims by using the
"Search Files" dialog to search for "jsr_subprim" in
"mcl 2.0 cd:additional MCL source code:**:*.lisp". If you have
questions about specific subprims, I may be able to help via email.
DISASSEMBLE is your friend.