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Re: memory management question

At  5:05 PM 12/8/93 +0000, Neves wrote:
>I'm trying to use the Quicktime call "loadmovieintoram".  However when
>I try to load movies that are larger than the Mac Heap size I get
>really long pauses (many seconds).  My guess is that it is trying to
>grab some Lisp Heap space.  How can I eliminate these long pauses?  If
>it is the fault of migration from Lisp to Mac Heap I would be very
>happy if I could temporarily turn off the Lisp Heap to Mac Heap

I believe your guess is correct; when there isn't enough room in the Mac heap,
the mac invokes a growzone procedure which, in the case of MCL, gives up some
Lisp heap to make more Mac heap.

The only way I know of to eliminate these pauses is to have the Mac heap be big
enough in the first place; see the arguments to save-application  in the MCL 2.0
release notes for how to save a copy of MCL with a larger amount of space dedicated
to the Mac heap.

I don't understand your last two sentences above;  if you turned off the migration you
wouldn't be able to load the quicktime movie at all, if I understand things correctly.