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Re: check-marks and menus

> Is there any way to have a heirarchical menu checked like a regular menu
> item?  set-menu-item-check-mark works for menu items, but not for menus.

Yes, but...

The real answer is "no".  With the standard menu definition function, the
item which has a submenu attached in marked with a special value in the
keyboard equivalent slot in the menu record.  When that special value in in
place, the slot for the mark character (checkmark or whatever) for the menu
item becomes the ID of the submenu instead.

The "yes, but..." above is because one COULD write ones own menu definition
function, using different memory structures.

Heirarchical menus were grafted onto the original menu implementation a
couple of years after the Mac came out (initially as a hack by outsiders,
somewhat forcing Apple to do it).

I bet it would look ugly (I know it would if there were any other checked
items in the same menu), but you could play with changing the title of the
item with the submenu to start with hex 1220  (checkmark, space).  The
checkmark would show up in the wrong place.

Be prepared to fend off the human interface cops if you do that in released

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