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Re: Debugging local variables

In article <9312102139.AA11417@SLINKY.CS.NYU.EDU> Andrew Borthwick, 
borthwic@SLINKY.CS.NYU.EDU writes:
>	Could someone tell me if there is any way to manipulate local 
>variables from within a break loop?  The inspector and the stack 
>backtrace let me look at the variables, but I know of no way of 
>calling functions with those variables as parameters or of stepping 
>through the code from the point of the break.  I think that the "step" 
>command would do something like this, but it seems that it can't be 
>invoked except from the read-eval-print-loop.

I looked around & couldn't find anything either.  However, if
you look in the docs under "Tracing" you'll see that it is possible
to invoke the stepper on entering the function.  You might find
that helpful.

Good luck.

Tom McDougal   mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu   +1 (312) 702-9923
     University of Chicago Artificial Intelligence