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Re: Microsoft ships MCL app to developers

In article <9401052307.AA11727@cambridge.apple.com> straz@cambridge.apple.com (Steve Strassmann) writes:

   I just got the Microsoft MacOLE 2.0 cdrom (Beta2, for Developers). 
   I'm not a big fan of OLE (OpenDoc is *so* much nicer, but hey, perhaps 
   I'm just a tad biased), but it's always interesting to see who uses 
   MCL out there, and for what.

   The folder "UI Demo" on the CDROM contains a mockup called Microsoft 
   Word 5.OLE. If it wasn't for ResEdit (or the readme file, see below), 
   you couldn't tell it was written in MCL. 

Maybe MicroSoft is underrated. As they have "reimplemented" ideas
from the MacIntosh earlier, will we see a Visual Common Lisp for MS Windows? ;-)

But MicroSoft using MCL (even only for prototypes) is a good sign for
the acceptance of MCL. :-)

Greetings from Hamburg,

Rainer Joswig