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Re: Connectix Ram Doubler and MCL?

In article <9401072136.AA29040@cambridge.apple.com> bill@cambridge.apple.com (Bill St. Clair) writes:
>Since RAM Doubler pretends to be MacVM, i.e. makes Gestalt say that MacVM
>is installed, ptable should come up with an X through its icon. That is,
>using ptable with RAM Doubler is unnecessary but also shoudn't be harmful.

Since Connectix seems so consciencious about MCL, maybe they
could be talked into incorporating ptable functionality into it.
That could be a great thing, assuming their 2% overhead number
applies to MCL as well as other stuff.
They'd have to get creative on how to shield ordinary users
from worrying about ptable and MCL, both of which would be baffling.

  Dave Yost
      @    .COM