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Re: Call for Hacks: Windoid with visible title

At  6:48 PM 1/15/94 -0700, Alex Repenning wrote:
>Some applications, such as Canvas, have windoids WITH titles. While this
>may seem a bit strange it can actually quite a desirable thing to have. In
>the current implementation of MCL's windoids the title gets stored and can
>be accessed but it has no visible manifestation. I rather not write a WDEF
>or whatever to change this. Has anybody hacked up something in Lisp to have
>visible titles in windoids? Any pointers are welcome.
>The challenge, on one hand, consists of writing text to a region that is
>not part of the window focus and, on the other hand, of the problem that
>WINDOW-UPDATE-EVENT-HANDLER does not get called if only the title bar needs

Drawing in the title bar is the responsibility of the WDEF. If you
are running MCL 2.0p2 or MCL 2.0.1, the :WINDOW-TYPE keyword works
for windoids, allowing you to create a windoid with the normal
WDEF. This type of windoid is not visually distinguished from normal
document windows; to do that you need to write a WDEF. But it will
remain in front just like a windoid with the small title-free WDEF:

(make-instance 'windoid :window-type :document)