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Re: MCL 2.0.1 ptable init problem on LC/Performa 475

In message <2iaj8f$b54@sns.erno.de> F. Plassmeier writes:
> Therefore, I would appreciate assistance on the following questions:
> 1. Are there any known problems for the ptable init and the 68LC040 
> processor?
> 2. Are there any known incompatibilities between the ptable init and other 
> inits?

I recently reported a ptable problem to the 
MCL support (Kalman Reti) on two configurations:
   1. Duo 230 12MB sys7.1               using 24bit addressing
   2. IIcx 20MB sys7.1, 32-bit-Enabler  using 24bit addressing

*both* ONLY WHEN 32-bit addressing IS OFF (Memory CP).

Both configs work with 32-bit addressing ON.
Kalman Reti promised to work this out.

You need ptable only when you want to use egc.
I don't find egc such useful, because a full gc
only takes 4 to 5 seconds on my system. May be
different for you if you want to write a very
responsive interactive Mac application.