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Changing the Heap Size at run time

Can I change the size of the Mac Heap at run time?
For example if (room) gives the following

There are at least 4876488 bytes of available RAM.

                  Total Size            Free               Used
Mac Heap:      1042180 (1017K)       331904 (324K)       710276 (694K)
Lisp Heap:    14659584 (14316K)      4544584 (4438K)     10115000 (9877K)
 (Static):      528384 (516K)
Stacks:         208960 (204K)

can I increase the MacHeap to 2000K at run time? I know how to do that with
save-application and the lsiz resource at save-application time, but this
is not what I want.

Since Lisp increases the Mac Heap size when I load many pictures this
should be possible but #'(Setf Ccl::%Dynamic-Heap-Size) isn't defined.

We want to do this since we have to integrate a Database (DTF) into a MCL
application that needs space on the mac-heap, but only if we really use the
DTF interface. If we allocate the heap size at save-application time the
heap size is wasted even if we don't use DTF.