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MCL and RAM Doubler


Someone on comp.sys.mac.apps pointed me to this group with my problem
between Connectix' RAM Doubler and MCL. Here is what he posted there:

> Fokke de Boer (mtvfb@rivm.nl) wrote:
> : To follow up on my own article:
> : : For you people collecting conflicts between Connectix' RAMDoubler and
> : : other applications, you can add Apple Common Lisp to that list.
> : : I have sent my report on it to Connectix already.
> : It seems the order in which applications are started matters. If I start
> : Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL) first, I have NO problems with RAM Doubler.
> : If I start another app first, and then MCL, I DO have problems....
> : Weird..
> There have been a few posts about trouble/no trouble to comp.lang.lisp.mcl.  
> You might want to check with those folks.

Which I hereby do. Do you people have a suggestion for me? Thanks in advance!

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