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RE: Future Plans

We have bought Macs and continue to buy Macs to run MCL.

We are a research group working on future products in
intelligent multimedia services for delivery to mass
markets. We've invested substantial resources in a
prototype system for exploring various applications.
MCL continues to be an invaluable tool in this effort.

Up until now, we've (the research group) considered
the Mac running MCL as a viable candidate for product
delivery in this lucrative market. (Of course, we are
disallowed by law from making any future purchase 
commitments prior to open competition via a public RFP

We feel an obligation to express our disappointment with 
Apple's recent decision, which will force us to reevaluate
our use of the Macintosh platform. We respectfully request
Apple to reconsider this decision.

Richard Blumenthal and Steve Laufmann
U S WEST Advanced Technologies
Boulder, CO
email: rick@advtech.uswest.com , laufmann@advtech.uswest.com

Naturally, these thoughts are our own and do not reflect any
official position of U S WEST Inc.