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Re: MCL not going native?!?!

omv@MIT.EDU wrote:

: To throw in my 2 cents worth....

: It just seems kind of hypocritical that Apple would not port their own
: products to native PPC when they're trying to encourage as many developers
: as possible to do just that.

This is exactly my concern.  What message does this send to Macintosh
developers?  Don't port applications to the PPC unless they're real
big sellers.  Most applications *aren't* real big sellers.  How many
times have I heard people say they wouldn't buy a Mac because there
wasn't as much software available for it (never mind whether it's true
or not)?

This sends the wrong message to developers, and to potential buyers of
the PPC.  If even Apple won't port their software to it, who will, and
why should they?

Let's hope Apple reverses this decision on this basis alone.  They
should port MCL to show that they are serious about the PPC, as well
as their other products, not because it will pay for itself this year.
It's not a matter of how much they'll make, but how much they'll lose.

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