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Re: MCL and Quadra 610

At 10:02 AM 2/22/94 -0500, Steven Ritter wrote:
>We just installed our application on some new Quadra 610s, and it
>crashes very frequently with a bad F-line instruction. Is there some
>kind of patch that we need for these machines?
>I need the answer quick, since we're supposed to get these running for
>Steve Ritter

If your Quadra 610 doesn't have an FPU, you might try installing the patch
available for anonymous FTP on cambridge.apple.com under the directory
/ftp/pub/MCL2/patches/Centris-without-FPU/.   Alternatively, you could
try the 2.0->2.0.1 patch in the next higher subdirectory; it includes this (as
well as other) patches.