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Apple, wake up! *You* lose!

    Date: Thu, 24 Feb 94 13:34:23 -0800
    From: "Carl L. Gay" <cgay@skinner.cs.uoregon.edu>
    Since Dylan is a language rather than a development environment, I
    don't think you have to worry about this.  Development environments
    for Dylan will be provided by third parties (such as the Gwydion group
    at CMU) even if Apple provides one too.  So, IF Apple doesn't
    decide to axe the Dylan group before the language design is complete,
    this won't be a problem.  And even if they did drop Dylan, maybe the
    CMU folks would finalize the design...who knows.

Lisp, being a language, won't die either.  Why would a third party effort
supporting an environment for some wacky new language be more likely
to survive than one supporting Lisp?  Just look at all the decent lisp
environments for the Mac that exist today!  (1, MCL)  And just look at what
company supports it today (Apple, not a third party).

To put it another way, why doesn't CMU already put out a high-quality
"third-party" lisp environment?

-- Bob