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Apple is afraid to market MCL.

Ok, ok, ok.  I've seen enough from this list and
others.  From my friends in the Silicon Valley and
elsewhere.  It just appears that APPLE doesn't
want to enter or stay in the software business.

I think they are afraid that someone else *IS* 
making a port of MCL and of other software to the 
Power/mac/pc/whatever and that they just can't
compete.  Perhaps they didn't write MCL in CL.

When someone throws in the towel, what else
can you expect?  Me, I'm thoughly conviced that
COMMON LISP is the language of the future.  Not
even DYLAN is going to change that.  

I've come the conclusion that I'm going to *have* 
wait to see who can give me a good working port 
of CL on the Power/xxx for a reasonable price.  
If its better than what I have now I'll switch.  
If not, then I'll try to get some folks together 
and do it ourselves or just go get a unix box.
After all, emacs is better than any word processer.

Bill McDonald
System Administration
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Foster City, CA
Phone: (415) 358-3665 voice