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Re: Your MCL Feedback

>>>>> ">" == "Rick Fleischman" <rick_fleischman@powertalk.apple.com> writes:
In article <9403080428.AA02956@federal-excess.apple.com>
rick_fleischman@powertalk.apple.com ("Rick Fleischman") writes:

>> --Apple is
>> planning to collaborate with a partner to create a native PowerPC
>> version of MCL and in marketing MCL to the Lisp community.  These
>> plans are not yet fully in place.

Rick, Would Apple be willing to commit to making certain that a port
to PowerPC will take place, by whatever mean is feasible, i.e.
partnering, internal development, or whatever? For me this is the
crucial question. If the answer isn't "yes", then ever though you may
not be explicitly killing MCL, you may be effectively doing so.

>> Many people have interpreted this to mean that Apple has "killed"
>> MCL ...