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Another question - highlight-cell?

First, thanks to all of those who responded to my previous question.

Now I am trying to implement a simple spreadsheet-like item which has an
associated edit text item for editing the cell items.  In order to
implement changing the contents of the edit-box whenever the user clicks on
a cell, I tried to augment the highlight-table-cell method as follows, but
the code falls into an infinite loop.  Is this because invalidating a view
invalidates its container?  Does anyone have a better suggestion?  I
thought about using the view-click-event-handler for the array view, but I
wanted to know why this does not work.

(defmethod highlight-table-cell  ((sps spreadsheet-dialog-item) cell rect
   (set-dialog-item-text (edit-box sps)
                         (princ-to-string (cell-contents sps cell)))
   (validate-view (view-container sps))
   (invalidate-view (edit-box sps))))

I tried it without the validations and invalidations, but it still looped
forever.  I guess I just don't understand what is going on with view