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I need help with an odoc problem.

I'm trying to send an open doc apple event from lisp to a fortran program.
The fortran program accepts these events fine when I open the document from
the finder.  However, when I send them from MCL, the fortran program
complains that the file cannot be found:

I thought the problem was that I was passing an invalid filestring to the
code so I used choose-file-dialog and mac-namestring to make sure that I
was getting
a valid string.

This is the piece of lisp code demonstrating the call:

(ccl::with-aedescs (optimizer)

  (ccl::launch-creator :Y666)

  (ccl::create-signature-target optimizer :Y666)

  (ccl::with-aedescs (open-params reply)
    (ccl::create-odoc open-params optimizer
                      (list (mac-namestring (choose-file-dialog))))
    (ccl::send-appleevent open-params reply :reply-mode :no-reply)))