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Re: Modal weirdness

At  2:54 PM 4/16/94 +0000, Angus McIntyre wrote:
>I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be an FAQ, but I'll ask anyway
>('cos that's the kind of guy I am).
>There seems to be a glitch in 'modal-dialog' in MCL 2.0. If 'window-close'
>is called within a call to 'modal-dialog', 'modal-dialog' closes the modal
>window and returns :closed ... even if 'window-close' was actually called
>on a completely different window! Here's some code to demonstrate that ...

This bug was fixed by patch 2 for MCL 2.0. I suggest that you upgrade
to MCL 2.0.1 by getting the file "/pub/mcl2/patches/2.0->2.0.1.sea.hqx"
from the anonymous FTP server at cambridge.apple.com.