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What's the deal with MCL on PPC?

I've been reading this newsgroup for two weeks now, hoping to find out
about MCL on the PPC.  I saw the posting that claimed that Apple was
discontinuing MCL and moving to Dylan, and I saw the posting denying 
that.  I also saw postings that said that you could run MCL on PPC, 
but only in emulation mode with virtual memory OFF.

I used to use MCL on a Mac IIci and liked it very much.  Now I have my
choice of Franz, Lucid, or CMU Common Lisp on a Sparc 10, and I like 
the speed quite a bit.  But have you ever tried writing Japanese
interfaces in X?  Don't!  I'd go to a PPC in a second if I thought 
that (1) I could run MCL in emulation mode without problems until
(2) a native mode version came out.  What's the likelyhood?


--Matthew Haines