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Re: Hilight color

At 12:10 AM 5/4/94 -0600, Rodney Daughtrey wrote:
>Subject:   None
>I'm trying to find a way to retrieve the current highlight color (in whatever
>form -- RGB record, fixnum, etc) from the system "Color" control panel dialog.
>How can I do this?  The closest thing I can find is the following from
>(defconstant $HiliteRGB #xda0)  ; [GLOBAL VAR]  6 bytes: rgb of hilite color
>This doesn't seem like what I want, though, since it is a constant, and the
>highlight color may be changed by the user...

It's a constant address of a six byte RGB record. Evaluating the
following form will bring up a color picker with the hilight color:

(user-pick-color :color (rgb-to-color (%int-to-ptr #$hilitergb)))