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Re: colors not consistent?

At  9:21 AM 5/5/94 -0400, Iris Denise Tommelein wrote:
>Thus, by clicking the color button, the user gets to
>pick a color using the picker, and that color is then used
>as the body color of the button.
>Problem 1 is that some colors picked using the picker
>do not truthfully get shown as the button body color.

I can't reproduce this.

>Yet, the color number gets stored correctly (as far as I can
>tell) as attribute on the instance that gets created when OKing
>and closing the window.
>I then have a layout display in which the user can move around
>the rectangles. Here, colors appear to correspond to those chosen
>in the picker.
>However, I also have a playback mode, in which a sequence of
>layouts get shown, one after the other, and in which no user
>intraction is allowed. Here, the colors are 'wrong' again.
>They appear to have become 'simpler' (are they 16 colors instead
>of 256, or what? For example, what was orange now is red, and
>shades of green have become all the same plain green.
>I would like to use a broad range of colors consistently
>throughout my application. How can I accomplish this?
>I am running MCL 2.01 on a Quadra 950. Monitor settings
>to 256 or 16 colors exhibit the same problems.

The most likely problem is that some of your windows are not
color windows. Unless you specify a true value for the :color-p
initarg when you create a window, either explicitly or by including
it as a default initarg in the class definition (as color-dialog does),
you will get a non-color winodow which can display only 8 colors.


; This creates a window that can display only 8 colors
(make-instance 'window)

; This creates a color window
(make-instance 'window :color-p t)