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Re: MCL and virtual memory on the Power PC

At  6:13 PM 5/24/94 -0400, Bruce Jakeway wrote:
>I have been running MCL on my Power PC without virtual memory.  I was getting
>tired of it garbage collecting all the time, so I turned 16 M of virtual
>memory on (the default) and restarted the computer.  I got a system error when
>running MCL:  "system error MCL 2.0.1 error type 7".  I restarted the computer
>a number of times, both by choosing the restart option from the system error
>panel and by turning the machine off.  (If I chose the continue option, it
>would freeze on me.)  I turned off virtual memory and it seems to be working
>fine.  Is this supposed to happen?

This is a known problem with running MCL on the PowerMac. Kalman
has a patch candidate working in-house which we will upload as soon as
it's been properly packaged and tested.