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Crashing MCL application!

Hi...I have a problem with a demo version made with MCL 2.0.1.
When I submitted it to mac.archive.umich.edu the terminator
"Jonathan Brecher" <brecher@terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu> said
it crashes with an illegal instruction error on Mac 6100/60 
(8MB RAM), System 7.1.2, and won't put it on the archieve
until it is fixed.
I tested it in Classic I (4MB RAM), System 6.07, Centris 650 
(8MB RAM + 8 MB virtual memory) both in 24 and 32 bits, System 
7.1, and Mac cx with 8 MB ram, and had no problems.
I noticed windoid-wdef-patch.hqx in the patches. As I'm using
windoids, this makes me suspect I have encountered this bug.
Before I'll submit a new copy to this 'terminator' I'd like
somebody to explain me what this windoid patch does, and could
it be the problem?