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Listening to TCP port?

Hi, I'm in search of the necessary (hopefully) 3 lines of code under
each of MCL and EXCL that will let me listen to a TCP port and, upon
receipt of a connection, open a stream to it.

I've peeked in the MACTCP code for MCL, but it doesn't look on the
face of it like it knows how to handle incoming connections.  I can't
find any references to doing this under Allegro (but the docs here are
scattered to the four winds, I suspect).  I've poked around inside a bit,
but it's all rather inscrutible.

I'm looking for what under Lucid would be done with:

  (multiple-value-bind (*socket* *socaddr*) (lucid::make-tcp-socket <<port>>)
      (with-open-stream (stream (lucid::accept-tcp-stream *socket* *socaddr*))

Any pointers would be gratefully accepted.  Many thanks in advance,