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Setting the background color for a checkbox?


i thought i had seen mention of this type of dilemna in this forum before,
but i apparently didn't save it. (stupid me) here's the problem:

i have a color window with a background-type view that just fills the
entire content region of the window with a specific color. (i don't use
the part-color stuff for the window because it seemed to cause other
problems that i don't need/want to get into here/now.) now i need to add a
check box (make-instance 'check-box-dialog-item...) so that instead of
filling the the view's rectangle with white (essentially by erasing it),
it would be filled with the same color that i have in my background view.

i've tried setting the "part-color"s of the check box, but none of the
ones mentioned in the manual do what i want. both :body and :thumb (duh)
do nothing, and :text and :frame do sort of what i expected them to. is
there another part of the view that i need to set the color for? am i SOL?

i pretty sure this is possible, i seem to recall helping somebody else do
this in a project of theirs (in C though) and i remember it eventually
working for him... i think...

thanks a million!


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