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Re: MCL2.0.1 with virtual memory

At  5:34 AM 6/13/94 +0000, shelly harrison wrote:
>i've just tried to run MCL2.0.1 on a IIsi with 5 meg ram and a nubus
>adapter card.  it's fine without virtual memory on, but crashes with
>virtual memory.  there doesn't appear to be a patch for this particular
>configuration.  is there one?

Do you have MacsBug?  Are you willing to investigate the crash a little
for me?

I've heard of a bug which causes MCL2.0.1 not to run at all on some IIsi
configurations (for which I have a patch), but, not that it crashes differently
with and without VM on.

If you would like to try to patch that I have, I'll send it to you (with instructions
on how to run it, it patches an image).