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Re: Patches for MCL

At  4:24 PM 6/15/94 +0000, Nicholas Lubofsky wrote:
 >  REGARDING           Patches for MCL
 >How do I get the patches to run MCL on a Power Macintosh?  We need to order a
 >new machine today or tomorrow and it's absolutely vital that our MCL application
 >runs on it.  When we tested our application on a Power Macintosh, it crashed the
 >machine.  I don't read this list, but a coworker who does said that he thought
 >there were some patches available, but he couldn't find them.

If you have version 2.0, you should upgrade to 2.0.1, which is available
from cambridge.apple.com:/pub/MCL2/patches/2.0->2.0.1.hqx. You can also
purchase an upgrade 2.0.1 cdrom from APDA (800-282-APDA) for $25.

This should work most of the time on a PowerPC under emulation
if you turn off virtual memory and the new memory manager.

There are a few other problems that might affect some users,
and we're looking into them.