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Re: ? re speed on Centris ..

At  2:19 PM 6/17/94 -0400, bright@ENH.NIST.GOV wrote:
>Here is a question I got from a colleague:
>"If I update my Centris 610 with a powerMac chip, would this system run MCL
>better? Currently, I have no math co-processor."

The current emulator runs at about IIci speeds on compute bound
integer tasks. This is slower than the Centris 610. I don't know
how floating point performance will compare.

MacWeek has reported the existence inside Apple of a faster emulator to
be released at an unknown future date, but I don't know if their figures
are correct (claimed that it would emulate at 33MHz 68040 speeds
on I don't remember which of the current PowerMacs).