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Re: Where'd you go Mr Listener Window?

At  1:57 PM 6/23/94 -0400, Kalman Reti wrote:
>At  4:58 PM 6/23/94 +0000, Mark Fasciano wrote:
>>Usually when I close the listener window, a new one comes back.  But
>>sometimes I close it by mistake while an expression is being evaluated,
>>and then the listener window doesn't come back.
>>Does anyone know a way to reincarnate the listener window when this
>>Mark Fasciano
>>AI Lab
>>University of Chicago
>It will come back when the computation is finished, or when it needs to
>type out, whichever comes first.
>You can cause it to need to type out by typing command-, (which causes a

Kalman is correct. If that doesn't work, you can choose the
"Tools/Inspect" menu item. Click on "(windows)". Select one
of the windows, click the "Edit" button, type (make-instance 'listener)
in the editable-text dialog-item, and click the "Eval" button.