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European problem with dongles..

>If you're serious about copy protection, I'd recommend you try
>a hardware approach. Several companies offer "dongles" that
>plug into the ADB port, they do the job and are relatively
>non-intrusive. Try Microguard (M.GUARD@applelink.apple.com)
I'm actually using a dongle at the moment, but the problem
with it is that the manufacturer (HASP) sells only through
European dealers, and I'm in Amsterdam, so it makes 20% import 
and goverment taxes to the price + 30% more for the dealer. It 
takes also the minimum of 2 weeks to get keys here, instead
of 2 days if I could get it directly from States.
I'll take seriously your comments on modifying the system,
and instead of that I'll consider changing the dongle
supplier. If you know other dongle manufactures besides
Microguard they are welcome. The protocol in Microsequritys
key writing all that callbacks flies over my capability,
so I'd appreciate some MCL friedly solutions.
Peter Stone