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voting with our wallets

Yep, we just bought another (full-priced, despite the fact we're
educational) copy of MCL. We intend to run it on a 7100 which should
arrive in about a week.

Guys, there's a market for this. We aren't buying many more Sun
workstations, and the number of Macs at our site has been
growing. Virtually every prof now has a powerbook, and technical
staffers have macs at home. A good many profs got exposed to lisp for
the first time by way of MCL.

If you're gonna write it off, at least include it with every mac sold
for a while. That's how hypercard got started. It's also how Microsoft
Basic got started.

"I don't care what programming language I use so long as it's free" is
the refrain heard from most first time programmers. Even if it's an "MCL
Lite" with a low-cost upgrade to the full version.

I'm still amazed MCL can do so much with so small a memory footprint,
btw (for the full development system, the applications are a bit big, I
guess because I still get the full development system :-). Anyone check
on the memory requirements to run MPW lately?