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		   Harlequin, Inc., Franz, Inc. and
	  The Association of Lisp Users invite you to attend
			       LUV '94
		       The Fourth International
		  Lisp Users and Vendors Conference
			    to be held in
			 Berkeley, California
			  August 15-19, 1994

Whether you're a user or implementor of Common Lisp, Scheme, Dylan, or
EMACS Lisp--or just an interested party--this conference is for you.  It's
a chance to find out what's been going on and to influence what happens
next in the Lisp community.  You'll hear what users and vendors have been
up to, and what they're planning in the future.  You'll participate in the
interactive dialog between the users and vendors about the needs of the
Lisp community in the years ahead.  It's a valuable opportunity to do more
than just program in Lisp--it's a chance to be a part of the Lisp
community, to learn, and to contribute to a strong future.

The keynote addresses will be:

  ``Perspectives on Lisp''
      by John McCarthy, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

  ``Lisp as an Extension Language'' 
      by Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation

The agenda also features other interesting talks, panels, and paper
presentations.  See the attached schedule of events.

The conference will be held at the Berkeley Marina Marriott hotel.  We are
pleased to announce that this years sleeping room rate is $89.00
(single/double).  There is complimentary parking at the hotel.  Either the
Oakland or San Francisco airport may be used; Oakland is suggested for
domestic flights.

Late registration fees are now in effect:  $175 per tutorial ($50 academic),
and $500 for the main conference ($100 academic).  A registration form is 
attached below.

For further information, or to volunteer to help out, please contact:

Meetings Unlimited,        Kent Pitman,       Thomas Pole,   LUV '94 Committee
 Conference Organizers      Co-Chairman        Co-Chairman   luv-94@ai.sri.com
(215) 651-0797             (617) 374-2516     (703) 902-7100
luv-organizer@ai.sri.com   kmp@harlequin.com  pole@chesapeake.ads.com
CompuServe 76470.3334

				* * * * *

	   It's less than two weeks away.  PLEASE don't delay.
		      Make your reservations TODAY!


MON   8:00 - 10:00  Tutorial 3: Efficiency
     10:00 - 10:15  BREAK
     10:15 - 12:00  Tutorials 3 cont'd
     12:00 -  1:30  LUNCH (on own)
      1:30 -  3:30  Tutorials 4-6: Macros, CLIM I, CLOS II
      3:30 -  3:45  BREAK
      3:45 -  5:30  Tutorials 4-6 cont'd

TUE   8:00 - 10:00  Tutorials 7-9: Adv Topics, GNU Emacs, CL DB
     10:00 - 10:15  BREAK
     10:15 - 12:00  Tutorials 7-9 cont'd
     12:00 -  1:30  LUNCH (on own)
      1:30 -  3:30  Tutorials 10-11: Hybrid Env, CLIM II
      3:30 -  3:45  BREAK
      3:45 -  5:30  Tutorials 10-11 cont'd

WED   9:00 -  9:30  OPENING REMARKS: Kent Pitman, Harlequin
      9:30 - 10:30  KEYNOTE ADDRESS: ``Perspectives on Lisp''
		     John McCarthy, Stanford University
     10:30 - 10:45  BREAK
     10:45 - 12:00  Panel: ``What Counts as Lisp?''
		     for Scheme: Brian Harvey, Lecturer, UC Berkeley
		     for Dylan: Rick Fleischman, Apple Computer, Inc.
		     Others TBD
     12:00 -  1:30  LUNCH (Sponsored by Harlequin)
      1:30 -  3:30  VENDOR PRESENTATION: Harlequin
      3:30 -  3:45  BREAK
      3:45 -  5:00  USER/VENDOR Q&A
      5:00 -  8:00  DINNER (on own)
      8:00 - 11:00  BIRDS OF A FEATHER (BOF) SESSIONS

THU   9:00 - 10:15  TECHNICAL PAPERS
		     M. Semenov, ``The Integrated Windows Environment 
                                    of PRIME-LISP''
		     S. Ball, V. Mah, ``SENEX: CLOS in Molecular Pathology''
		     K. Anderson, ``Courages in Profiles''
     10:15 - 10:30  BREAK
     10:30 - 11:00  TECHNICAL PAPERS
		     G. Attardi, ``The Embeddable Common Lisp''
     11:00 - 12:00  VENDOR PRESENTATION: Franz
     12:00 -  1:30  LUNCH (Sponsored by Franz)
      1:30 -  2:30  KEYNOTE ADDRESS: ``Lisp as an Extension Language''
		     Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation
      2:30 -  3:30  ALU BOARD ELECTIONS
      3:30 -  3:45  BREAK
      3:45 -  5:00  PANEL: ``Where is Lisp? Where should it be going?''
		     Brad Miller, URCS Research Staff, University of Rochester
		     Professor Masayuki Ida, CSRL, Aoyama Gakuin University
		     Scott McKay, Harlequin Inc.
		     Others TBD
      5:00 -  8:00  DINNER (on own)
      5:00 -  8:00  New ALU board will meet over dinner.
      8:00 -  9:00  MEET THE ALU BOARD
      8:00 - 11:00  VENDOR EXHIBITS

FRI  10:00 - 12:00  ALU MEETING & PLANNING LUV '95



	(Some topics have been cancelled due to undersubscription.
	 The numbering has NOT been adjusted to avoid confusion.)

3. Efficiency and Optimization in Lisp
    A survey of topics such as profiling, common algorithmic 
    optimizations, consing, declarations and type checking, 
    garbage collection, using C code, arrays and delivery
    considerations.  Some general guidelines will be portable, 
    others will be specific to the major commercial Common Lisp

    Instructor:    Ken Anderson (BBN)
		    and possibly another party yet to be named.
    Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of Common Lisp concepts.

4. Macros and Compiler Macros for Abstraction and Efficiency

   Common Lisp provides a number of syntactic mechanisms for making
   code more maintainable and efficient.  Learn when and how to use
   macros, compiler macros, reader macros, and inlined functions to
   improve your coding style and productivity.

    Instructor:    Kent Pitman (Harlequin)
    Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of Common Lisp concepts.

5. CLIM level I

    How to use the Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) version 2.0 to
    build interfaces to appllication programs.  Use of application frames
    presentations, menus and dialogs, commands, command tables,
    interaction styles, and drawing graphics.

    Instructor:    Colin Meldrum (Franz)
    Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of Common Lisp and CLOS concepts.

6. CLOS level II

    Complex initializations protocols, customized method combinations,
    and the various ``meta object'' protocols for CLOS, as well as a
    survey of existing implementational techniques and their consequences.

    Instructor:    Steve Haflich (Franz)
    Prerequisite:  CLOS level I and/or a good understanding of CLOS and Lisp.

7. Advanced topics in Common Lisp

     The topics that most beginning courses never get around to:
     LOOP, FORMAT, conditions and restarts, UNWIND-PROTECT, 
     PRINT-OBJECT and MAKE-LOAD-FORM methods, the pretty printer, 
     and issues relating to implementation and storage representation
     that influence practical programs.

    Instructor:    Steve Haflich (Franz),
		    and probably another party yet to be named.
    Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of Common Lisp concepts.


8. GNU EMACS Lisp Programming

     The EMACS extension language, EMACS Lisp, which allows users 
     to not only customize the popular EMACS editor, but also
     allows the development of active documents applications that
     interact with the user.

    Instructor:    Richard Stallman (Free Software Foundation)
    Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of programming concepts.

9.  Common Lisp and Databases (Relational and Object-Oriented)

     A survey of concepts, techniques, and tools for working with
     relational and object-oriented databases from within Common Lisp.
    Instructor:    Jim Veitch (Franz) and and Judy Anderson (Harlequin)
    Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Common Lisp concepts.

10. Hybrid development environments:

     Getting Lisp to talk to the Non-Lisp world.  Interfacing Lisp
     as client or server in networked applications.  Interfacing 
     Lisp to serial devices.  Interfacing lisp to GL and CLX.  General
     techniques and pitfalls for embedding C code in lisp applications.

    Instructor:    Dave Dyer (Information International)
    Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of Common Lisp concepts.

11. CLIM level II

    Hardcopy, pointer tracking and manipulation, incremental redisplay,
    table and graph formatting, drawing in color, the drawing 
    environment, and doing transformations in CLIM version 2.0.

    Instructor:    John Aspinall (Harlequin) and Scott McKay (Harlequin)
    Prerequisite:  CLIM level I and/or a good understanding of CLIM,
		   CLOS and Lisp.

****************************** NOTES ******************************

  In the above, a prerequisite is specified in order to guide
  potential attendees to courses at their level of expertise.
  In NO case is the prerequisite enforced.  It is just a guideline
  to let you know at what level the instructor will be speaking in
  order to help you get the best value for your money.



  Tutorials are SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION if there is insufficient enrollment.

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                  ***** LUV '94 REGISTRATION FORM *****
                          (version 8, 1-Aug-94)


            Name  __________________________________________________ [  ]

          Company __________________________________________________ [  ]

[  ] Home Address
[  ] Work Address __________________________________________________ [  ]

             City __________________________________________________ [  ]

            State __________________________________________________ [  ]

  Zip/Postal Code ____________________ Country _____________________ [  ]

  [  ] Home Phone
  [  ] Work Phone __________________________________________________ [  ]
                    (please include country, area, or city codes)

           E-Mail __________________________________________________ [  ]

 PRIVACY DISCLAIMER:  If you take no special action, the information 
   provided might be published as some form of public record of the
   conference attendees.  If you check the "Confidential?" box in the
   right column of any line, the information on that line will be
   excluded from any published record of conference attendees.

 Registration Status:

   [  ] Full-time student or full-time academic.  (Please bring proof.)
   [  ] Others, Normal Registration.  Must be received BEFORE 8-Jul-94.
   [  ] Others, Late Registration.

                           - - - - - - - - - - 

  Please send these three pages of registration material 
  plus your check or money order to:

            Association of Lisp Users
             attn: LUV 94 Registration
            P.O. Box 294
            Malvern, PA 19355-0294

  Registration material sent by e-mail will NOT be accepted.

  FAX REGISTRATIONS from international attendees may be sent at any time.
    Domestic attendees may only fax registrations between July 18, 1994
    and to August 9, 1994.  Faxed registrations will not be confirmed
    until payment is received.   The FAX number is (215) 651-0936.

                           - - - - - - - - - -      (LUV'94 REG / PAGE 1 OF 3)
                          TUTORIAL REGISTRATION 

  Monday Morning, 4 hours, 8am-noon (choose one)

   [  ]  3. Efficiency and Optimization in Common Lisp

  Monday Afternoon, 4 hours, 1pm-5pm (choose one)  

   [  ]  4. Macros and Compiler Macros for Abstraction and Efficiency
   [  ]  5. CLIM level I
   [  ]  6. CLOS level II

  Tuesday Morning, 4 hours, 8am-noon (choose one)

   [  ]  7. Advanced Topics in Common Lisp
   [  ]  8. GNU EMACS Lisp Programming
   [  ]  9. Common Lisp and Databases (Relational and Object-Oriented)

  Tuesday Afternoon, 4 hours, 1pm-5pm (choose one)

   [  ] 10. Hybrid development environments:  Lisp, C, and others
   [  ] 11. CLIM level II

                           - - - - - - - - - -

  If some tutorial topic is not shown here that you would like to have
  chosen instead of or in addition to those above, please mention it 
  (and any suggested instructors) here.  Please also say whether you 
  want an introductory or advanced level course:

  If the above schedule is keeping you from enrolling in the tutorials
  you most want to attend, please explain the nature of the conflict here:

  Please specify any substitutions you would be willing to make if your 
  first choice tutorials do not receive enough interest:

  Tutorial times are subject to change, and tutorials themselves could be
  cancelled if there is insufficient enrollment.  If a need to make such
  changes would create a special hardship for you, please specify the nature
  of your need/concern:

                           - - - - - - - - - -      (LUV'94 REG / PAGE 2 OF 3)
                             CONFERENCE FEES
  TUTORIALS (Mon-Tue):

       $50 (per session) for full-time students or full-time academics.
      $125 (per session) for others--normal registration (BEFORE 8-Jul-94).
      $175 (per session) for others--late registration.

    ( price = $ _____ ) x ( number of sessions = _____ ) =       $ __________


     Includes exhibits, keynote address by Richard Stallman of the
     Free Software Foundation, technical paper presentations, and
     vendor presentations.

       $100 for full-time students or full-time academics.
       $400 for others--normal registration (BEFORE 8-Jul-94).
       $500 for others--late registration.

     Sorry, we can't waive the registration fee for paper authors.
     Authors whose papers are accepted for the proceedings and
     presentation are expected to register for the conference.

     This price is for all three days.  One-day fees are not available.

                                                                 $ __________

  TOTAL ENCLOSED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ __________

    Please pay this part with check or money order made payable 
    (in US funds only) to "Association of Lisp Users".
    Sorry, we are unable to accept credit card payment for registration fees.

    Registrations will be confirmed in writing by mail or fax within 14 days.
                           - - - - - - - - - - 


 A limited number of rooms have been blocked at a special rate of $89.00
 single/double per night + 12% tax.   

     Room Preference (check one):  [  ] single   [  ] double

      If double, specify roommate: _________________________

     Arrival Day and Date:   _______________________________

     Departure Day and Date: _______________________________

     Credit Card Information (to guarantee late arrival only):

       Card Type:  _______________  Expiration Date: _____ / _____

       Account Number: ___________________________________________

       Signature: ________________________________________________

 * PLEASE help us by making reservations THROUGH US, NOT DIRECT with hotel.
 * For availability info, call Meetings Unlimited at (215) 651-0797.

                           - - - - - - - - - -      (LUV'94 REG / PAGE 3 OF 3)