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Running MCL on 540c.

I'm getting a ";[Stacks reset due to overflow.]" message *ALMOST* every time
I try and load a file or execute a function under MCL2.0 on a 540c, 
System 7.1.1, 36MB RAM, 15MB RAM allocated for execution, and VM off. 
For example:

NOTE: the "*" in the pathname below is the "delta" character. 

? (load "MYDISK:MCL 2.0 - > MCL 2.0.1:make201.fasl")
;Loading #P"MYDISK:MCL 2.0 - > MCL 2.0.1:make201.fasl"...
;Loading #P"MYDISK:MCL 2.0 - > MCL 2.0.1:mcl2*.0p1.fasl"...
;[Stacks reset due to overflow.]


? (defun test-fun (x) (print x))
? (test-fun 2.5)
;[Stacks reset due to overflow.]

This happens whether 040 Cache Switch is on of off.  Did I miss anything
when I looked though the FAQs and previous comp-lang-lisp-mcl... e-mail?