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Re: MacTCP and ptable on Quadra 700 is bad news

At 12:29 AM 8/27/94 +0000, Christopher J. Vogt wrote:
>I just installed MacTCP version 2.0.4, and ptable 2.0.1 seems to
>crash my mac.
>Christopher J. Vogt vogt@netcom.com
>From: El Eh, CA

I've CCed bug-mcl@cambridge.apple.com so this discussion gets tracked.

I'm 90% sure I've used both those versions together on a Quadra 700 here,
but I'll attempt to reproduce this when I get to the office.

In the meantime, can you send me the output of the following Macsbug
commands at the time of the crash:

  log tcpptable

This will produce a file called tcpptable on you current directory.  Could
you send that to me?  Thanks.

(If you don't have Macsbug and can't FTP it from ftp.apple.com, I'll send you
a copy.)