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Re: Multitasking in MCL

> How do you do multitasking inside MCL?. By this I mean having
> several tasks, written in MCL, that are scheduled by another task,
> written in MCL too. I am writing a simulation in MCL and I need this
> for process control. Thanks.
> Josep Riverola
> IESE. 
> Camino del Cerro del Aguila 3 (ctra.Castilla Km.5.120) Madrid- 28023. Spain.
> Tel. 34-1-357.08.09    Fax: 34-1-357.29.13    E.mail: riverola@iese.es 

Take look at Chapter 21 ("Multiple Processes") in the new book by Paul
Graham. He implements continuations first (Chap 20) and then uses that
to implement multi-processing.

  "On Lisp: Advanced Techniques for Common Lisp", by Paul Graham
   Prentice Hall, 1994

Al Reich
Lockheed - Austin Division