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QuickDraw to bitmap question

  MM> From: Michael Matessa <mm4b+@andrew.cmu.edu> Organization: Psychology,
  MM> Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 15:29:22 -0400
  MM> I'm trying to put a pattern on top of text with :PATXOR so that the
  MM> text is distorted.  The problem is that the text can be seen before
  MM> the pattern covers it.  I thought DRAW-PICTURE would display a bitmap
  MM> of the covered text, but it just replays a series of QuickDraw
  MM> commands. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to convert QuickDraw
  MM> commands into bitmap information that I could put on the screen?
  MM> Thanks, Mike Matessa

I've used the oodles-of-utils package to construct an offscreen bitmap to hold
my drawing.  Then I make the window whose window-update-event-handler does a
copybits from the offscreen to the window.  Create the offscreen in your
initialize method and release it (it's a Mac handle) in your destroy method.