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Re: color graphics in MCL

In article <gi01-260994183208@ibamac.gte.com>, gi01@gte.com (Glenn Iba) wrote:

> (setf mywin (make-instance 'window :window-title "mywin"))
> (with-focused-view mywin
>     (with-fore-color *orange-color*
>       (paint-rect mywin 0 0 120 120)))
> The result looks identical if I use *red-color* instead of *orange-color*.
> Glenn

Open your window this way instead:

(setf mywin (make-instance 'window :window-title "mywin"
                                   :color-p t))

The slot color-p needs to be true if you want to use more than just the
primary colors (don't ask me why...)  Now orange should look like orange.